Because of Winn Dixie
India opal move to Naomi Florida .Opal's dad left a note on the refrigerator .Opal found Winn Dixie found at the supermarket .Opal toke Winn Dixie home.The Dewberry boy messed with her when she was walking Winn Dixie home.Opal here'd the church bell and went to church.Opal was late for church but it was ok because the preacher asked Opal to have a set .When church was done Opal washed Winn Dixie .In the morning the preacher called the pound Winn Dixie almost got taken by the pound.Opal met Gloria Dump and Gloria Dump showed Opal her mistake tree.They had a party WinnDixie got lost Opal found Winn Dixie.

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